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Attorney Brent T. Day founded our firm on the principle that providing quality legal service in a timely, cost-effective manner enhances our reputation and encourages clients to use us again.

This web site is provided to interested persons for information only.  It is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship between anyone and Solon Law or any of the firm’s attorneys or associates.
Please be aware that transmission of an email inquiry to Solon Law does not and will not create an attorney-client relationship.  Solon Law cannot serve as your attorney in any matter unless you and Solon Law expressly agree in writing that Solon Law will serve as your attorney.
It is not intended that any information contained on this web site be construed as legal advice and none of the information on this web site, while it is thought to be complete and correct, is guaranteed accurate or the latest information available on any subject or matter discussed on this web site.  The material and information disclosed and discussed on this web site does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Solon Law or any of its attorneys or clients.
Anyone viewing this web site is cautioned that they should not act upon or rely upon any material contained on this web site, until they have ascertained that it is correct and reliable.  Transmission of material on this site is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.  No person viewing this web site should act or rely upon any information in this site without seeking the advice of an attorney.
To the extent the Alabama State Bar Association rules require Solon Law to designate an attorney responsible for this web site, Brent Day is designated as the attorney responsible for this site.  He is located in the office of Solon Law.
While there is information on how to contact our firm or our attorneys by ground mail, e-mail, fax or other method, no such contact shall be considered to create an attorney-client relationship, unless such relationship has been established in writing.
All persons should be aware that information transmitted over the Internet is not confidential.  It cannot be considered privileged or confidential communication between an attorney and regardless of whatever information and material is transmitted to Solon Law or any of its attorneys or staff members, no action shall create an attorney-client relationship unless and until a written contract is signed between the client and our firm.
All persons should be aware that there are applicable Statutes of Limitations which apply to claims and lawsuits.  Statutes of Limitations are deadlines set by law.  If you do not bring your claim or lawsuit within those deadlines, you may be prevented from ever filing a lawsuit or a claim.  For this reason, everyone should be aware that there are time limits which apply to their lawsuit or claims and for this reason, they should act promptly if they intend to pursue a lawsuit or a claim.
Solon Law cannot and does not guarantee the results in any case.  The cases referred to and disclosed in this site are illustrations of various cases handled by Solon Law in various areas of law which are shown and disclosed in this website.  In many instances, the verdicts shown in this website were settled or reduced for the purpose of settlement of the case.  The cases illustrated, are representative only and should not be viewed as an indication, assurance or guarantee of any particular result in other cases handled by Solon Law.  All cases must be considered on a case by case basis, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the particular case.
Solon Law and any of its attorneys, staff members or employees are not responsible and assume no responsibility for safeguarding and information transmitted by the Internet.
This web site may be considered advertising under the applicable law and ethical rules of the Alabama State Bar Association.  The Alabama State Bar Association per Rule 7.2(e) of the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct requires the following statement:
“No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is grater than the quality of legal services performed by other attorneys.” 
Solon Law appreciates any information, suggestions or comments concerning this web site and/or any information contained on this web site.  Comments and information may be sent to the firm by use of the United States mail, e-mail or any other method chosen.

Solon - lawmaker of Athens

Solon-The lawmaker of Athens

Solon (638 BC–558 BC) was an Athenian Statesman, Lawmaker, and Lyric poet. He is remembered particularly for his efforts to legislate against political, economic and moral decline in archaic Athens. His reforms failed in the short term yet he is often credited with having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy.

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Practice Areas

Our attorneys are engaged in virtually all fields of the law. Clients of Solon Law include independent businesses, individual citizens, and government authorities.

Your representation will receive that same quality of service regardless of the size or complexity of your issue.

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About Us

Our goal is to develop long-term client relationships, based on close cooperation and solid results. We are committed to providing quality legal services to our clients that enhances our reputation and encourages clients to use us again.

Our attorneys utilize state of the art technology and cost effective methods to provide services in a timely, professional and client focused manner.

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